About Us


Please allow me to introduce Rhorer Mutual Industries, INc. (RMI, Inc.) to you and your company.  We are a woman owned business.  We have been involved in the industrial construction business for over twenty five years.  RMI, Inc. has developed a specialty contracting business for industrial railroad contruction, maintenance, equipment, and supplies.

The Company

RMI, Inc. began as a small local contractor working primarily in the Baton Rouge area.  We are now manned, equipped, and licensed to work in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi.  The economy of this region, with its heavy reliance on railroad transportation to move products of the Petroleum, Chemical, and Paper industries, puts unique demands on the companies that construct and maintain these vital links to their marketplaces.  RMI, Inc. has worked long and hard to develop a reputation for providing the highest standars of track at the most competitive prices.  All of our efforts are focused to benefit our customers.  Anything we do that doesn’t benefit our customers is considered a waste of time.  To complement our industrial railroad experience, we also perform industrial grounds and right-of-way maintenance.

Here at RMI, Inc. we are dedicated to the following:  Quality Workmanship, Excellent Service, and a Safe Working Environment.

Quality Workmanship

RMI, Inc. takes great pride in its ability to respond to our customers construction needs.  Support elements for construction work include scheduling, planning, estimating, quality control, safety, and construction equipment.  Our management staff of dedicated, well-experienced professionals insure that all aspects of the construction projects are performed under the highest degree of standards.

Excellent Service

In an effort to afford a full range of services to our customers, we have developed several different approaches.  For example, our railroad division offers the following services:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance including track inspections, track repairs, equipment, and supplies.
  • Railroad maintenance crews assigned to the customer’s facilities on an annual contract basis.
  • Personnel on call 24 hours a day to respond to derailments and other emergency railroad situations.  Depending on the magnitude of the emergency, we also subcontract emergency services for major lifts in order to expedite continued rail shipments.
  • Purchasing and sales of railroad equipment and supplies.  Many of our customers find it advantageous to use RMI, Inc. because we offer competitive pricing, freight savings, and prompt delivery.

Safety First

During our initial inception, RMI, Inc.’s top management made a pledge and the commitment to rank safety as one of its top priorities.  Safety is one element that has always contributed to the success of our field construction projects.

RMI, Inc.’s safety department and safety manual were developed by our in-house team of professionals.  The safety manual is available by request.  One of the methods used to encourage our field employees to maintain safe work habits was to enroll them in our Safety Bonus Program, thus allowing them to benefit financially from their safe work records.  This is evidenced by our recent accomplishment of working 4 years/500,000 manhours without a loss time accident at the Mosaic Faustina Plant in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.  RMI, Inc.’s philosophy about safety has paid off.  Due to our excellent loss ratio, we currently enjoy a credit modifier on our worker’s compensation insurance premiums.  This benefits, not only our company, but also our customers through RMI, Inc.’s competitive rates.  We are also members of ISNetworld.  ISNetworld is an on-line contractor/supplier management database.

Work Desired

RMI, Inc. has accumulated a wealth of experience and desires to execute the following field disciplines on a direct hire basis:

  • Railroad construction, maintenance, & switching
  • Base & sub-base construction
  • Industrial lawn maintenance
  • Rights-of-way maintenance
  • Earthwork & drainage
  • Hydroblasting
  • Demolition, including the salvage of metals and equipment
  • Material procurement and control
  • Janitorial
  • Civil work, concrete, and asphalt paving
  • Provide and operate equipment
  • Sandblasting